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Following up with last month’s theme of RE words, our big RE word for April is, of course, … “RESURRECTION!”

What does it mean to you?

This is one of those familiar faith words that we dutifully hear repeated every Easter, but what does it really mean? What does it mean in your life?

We listen to the Easter story; celebrate this special Sunday with family and friends and a brightly colored outfit; revel in the hyacinths, tulips and forsythia; and encourage our children to join in pagan egg-finding rituals. But I believe that God intends for this occasion to mean more than baked ham, Peeps, and a Sunday lunch in the dining room with the good china.

I think this year gives us the opportunity to see what resurrection really looks like in our lives. So many things have been dead and dormant these past few years. Now we are beginning to see things slowly come back to life, awaken from slumber and begin to blossom into beauty-- sometimes in better ways than they used to.

What has felt dead for you? Where have you experienced the hollowness of an empty life? Where have you felt broken into jagged shards? Where have you been sleepwalking, numb to all that’s around you?

Maybe it takes time, but God works within us to wake us up, open our eyes, glue us back together and breathe a new spirit back into our lives. Can you feel it this Easter season?

I hope that you experience resurrection in you this year. In life with God, what is dead or broken does not stay that way forever. May you find this particular “RE-“ word to have new meaning for you going forward.

~ Pastor Abbie Huff

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