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At Germonds Church there are many ways in which we try to fulfill our calling as Christians and make this world a better place.  We donate a significant portion of our budget to community partners, we volunteer, and we build relationships.  

The Venture Community

Venture Inn and Venture residential homes are local long-term care facilities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  


When neighborhoods were signing petitions to keep these residential homes out of their back yard, Germonds Church was advocating for New City to be their home. 


We have built relationships with Venture as an organization as well as their residents.   Some even went through confirmation classes and  joined the church, and we have had regular attendees from the community who worship with us on Sunday mornings.  

Read about Venture's history with Germonds in this article.  

Learn more about Venture HERE.  

Center for Safety and Change 

Center for Safety and Change is a local nonprofit that provides critical services and support to women and all victims and survivors of gender-based violence and other crimes while working toward justice by creating social change.

Germonds has been a big supporter of their work and mission since the 1970s.  

Learn more about CSC HERE

Homelessness Ministries 

Partnering with local organizations we seek to serve those currently without permanent housing. 


We help support Helping Hands mobile shower unit, that allows for those from the homeless community to have access to a shower, as well as toiletries and clean clothes.    

Hunger in Rockland County 

Hunger has gone from 10% in this country to 25% since the pandemic, and with soaring food prices, it has gotten even harder for some families to get food on their tables.  

We raise money and host food drives for People to People  and other food ministries.  We serve regularly at Soup Angels (soup kitchen) in Nyack.  

We also support the regional food bank, the Rockland Interfaith Breakfast Program, The Nyack Center breakfast program, Martin Luther King Center food programs, Chefs dinner program.  

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