Germonds is a welcoming family of Christian believers

    Joyously seeking, teaching, and sharing God’s Word,

 Celebrating worship, Embracing diversity, and

                Caring for each other, our neighbors, and our world.


We have wonderful news!

Please come and join us at worship this Sunday, November 22nd

to welcome our new Interim Pastor, the Reverend Laura Krauss.


 We worship on Sundays at 10:30am.  Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month.


Video of worship services are streamed live. You can watch it here. 


Crib care is available for families with infants or toddlers.  From late September through June, we have age-appropriate Sunday school classes for children and youth from K-12.


Parking is available across the street from the sanctuary.


If you are new to the area and are in search of a church home or simply desire a quiet safe haven to worship and contemplate, please come.  Our Board of Deacons provides pastoral care for the congregation and our flocks.


For more information, please call the church office at the number on the top.


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